Workshop 22 June, 9:45 am ‐ 4 pm: Translational Science Communication

The importance of science communication has grown massively over the last decade. This has led to an increase in the number of practitioners on the one side, and to the emergence of science communication as a field of research on the other. To date, however, there is no format that bridges the theory of science communication with the reality of everyday practice.

This workshop filled this gap. It offered leaders in science communication an up-to-date overview of the latest findings in the field, providing an opportunity for science communication leader to exchange views on the most debated topics based on the latest empirical studies.



Gian Casutt, ETH Board / Christophe Giovannini, SNSF / Anne Laufer, SUPRIO

Introduction and goals of the day

Mirko Bischofberger, Science Studios GmbH

Session 1: Unmasking Communication Strategies in Swiss Academia

How do Swiss institutions differ in terms of strategy? How is the higher education sector aligned with national and societal expectations?

Session 2: Trust in Science across Time & Space

Where do different countries stand in terms of trust in science? How to deal with misinformation and populism? And what role have the growing number of publications that are not peer-reviewed?

Session 3: On Science Communication, Journalism and PR

Are universities today doing PR or science communication? What is the role of today’s press releases? And where do exaggerations in the press start?

Short session on Enabling versus Control: Which way Forward?